Shoes That Can Kill—Literally

Since the world’s oldest shoe (5,500 years old!) was recently discovered, talking about shoes seems particularly apt. Shoes come in a variety of types as every woman knows—wedges, sandals, stilettos, fuck-me pumps or heels with hamsters in them?!? The website, If Shoes Could Kill, offers up a plethora of wacky platforms and boots. For some really killer shoes, just check out pumps with a pistol for the heel. Want to show off your love of geography? Just slip on a pair of Italian boots, which is to say, boots in the shape of Italy. Any footwear fanatic can spend hours just gazing at a pair of ruby slippers for a Diva Dorothy, some “foxy” boots and a monster pair for Wolfman. Even if you’re no Imelda Marcos, this site offers up plenty of the fascinating, the wacky and the aesthetically pleasing.

Also, don’t despair if you’re feeling a little adventurous and want to purchase a pair. Some of the shoes are actually for sale, so soon you too can be the owner of a pair of funny bunny wedges.

–By Lindsay Ray

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