Wonder Woman Gets New Costume, World Grinds to a Halt

Everyone from FOX News to Slate to the Washington Post has opined or decried or applauded the change in the wardrobe of Wonder Woman. Apparently her sixties star-spangled swimsuit has been swapped for a cropped motorcycle jacket, tight pants, a smaller tiara and chunkier flashy thingies on her wrists. She has a new “broodingly brooding” storyline to match, according to Slate.

Some of the questions and criticisms of the new look? She’s unAmerican (FOX– surprise, surprise), she could be perceived as more masculine now but probably not but ZOMG she is so awesome (WashPo),  she’s still a work in progress when it comes to representing women (Wall Street Journal), and AHH! CHANGE! (aol).

As editor of a feminism and fashion based blog, I suppose it’s time to make some sort of proclamation:

I don’t care.

–Tara Cavanaugh

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