Someone make us a good sports bra already.

Example of a compression sports bra, which researchers say provides only some of the support we need.

“Oh honey, you need some more support!” You know you’ve had some variation of this thought while glancing at a fellow female at the gym or running along the road.

There’s a good reason for this. The sports bra that would be best for us doesn’t technically exist, so says the New York Times wellness blog.

There are two kinds of sports bras out there: the compression bra, which smooshes your breasts into the uniboob, and the encapsulation bra, which offers cup support for each breast but tends to be uncomfortable. Both do a so-so job of stopping the up-and-down movement of breasts.

But breasts do so much more than just go up and down. They actually make a complicated figure-eight kind of motion. Researchers were actually paid to learn this.

The ideal bra would offer padding to cup each breast AND the stretchy compression material to stop the up and down movement. You may be thinking: I already do this by layering two bras on top of each other. But no, friend, you’re wrong. While many female athletes do layer compression bras over encapsulation bras, the combination doesn’t do what the ideal sports bra needs to do: support all the moves boobs make in motion. (The NYT makes healthy use of the word “jiggle.”)

This lack of proper support does get in the way. The blog outlines the problems that occur from lack of proper support, and it sounds as bad as wearing heels to run: joint problems, muscle strains, and other stress-related injuries.

So Nike! Adidas! Etc! Get on it already! Make us a sports bra that helps us really move.

–By Tara Cavanaugh

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