Obligatory Emmys Fashion Post

So a little thing just happened called the Emmys. But forget about the show and let’s talk about what’s really important: the dresses!

I like watching awards shows (and pre-awards shows) for that parade of gowns. It’s kind of fun to see people dressed up and looking snazzy. Plus, it’s also fun to make snide comments about those who crashed and burned fashion-wise from the safety of my living room. So without further ado, my hits and misses this year:

Popular colors on the red carpet: Navy, deep red, white, and as always, black.

Best dressed: Lea Michele, who wore a gorgeous navy Oscar de la Renta gown. It’s got just enough frills for flamenco dancing, or you know, sitting at an awards show and hob-knobbing with TV stars.

Runner-up: Claire Danes. I’m like a squirrel; I love shiny things. Claire’s dress was just the right mix of sparkly and formfitting for me. Plus, I loved her on My So-Called Life, so bonus points for being such a cool teen in the 90s.

Also rocking an awesome frock: Emily Deschanel and Kerri Russell—both dresses were a beautiful color….

Jennifer Carpenter (gotta love the sparkly!)…..

….and as much as it pains me to say it, Kim Kardashian (I liked the unique neckline on her dress).

Worst dressed: January Jones. As much as I like Mad Men (but hate Betty Draper), I just couldn’t like January’s dress. Pretty color, terrible concept. It’s like the dress wanted to be both long and short and met in some disastrous middle. And P.S. hoop skirts and cone bras are out.

Just say no to the dress: Wasn’t a big fan of Anna Paquin’s Alexander McQueen and dramatic hair…

….or Kristen Wiig’s shoulder poofs.

Of course, this is just my humble opinion, as Angela Chase would say (yeah, I can’t stop making My So-Called life references once I start, so what?). If you want a complete fashion run down, check out the girls at Gofugyourself, who are sure to provide you with the best fashion commentary mixed with the most biting and hilarious wit.

–By Lindsay Ray

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