Fashion FAIL of the week: Game. Set. Match. You Lose.

You can't model lingere AND be a world-class tennis player. At least not at the same time.

Do you know that one scene in Clueless where all the girls are standing around in their monochromatic tennis wear, and Amber has a note that says her doctor won’t let her play sports where balls fly at her face and Dionne says “Well there goes your social life”? Venus Williams’ tennis dresses look a little like those ’90s fashion disasters, except with more sparkles and leather fringe. Seriously, who wears leather to play tennis (it just sounds uncomfortable)? You are not a rockstar. And I love ze sparklies as much as the next girl, but her sequined firework/sunburst-covered ice skating costume just isn’t workin’ for me. This is almost as bad as the corseted French Open fiasco. I know tennis dresses are supposed to be short and clingy (I have enough bad memories about them from high school), but this is too much. Venus, you’re 30, you’re crazy fit, so you totally deserve a slammin’, sport-appropriate dress to match your killer serve. This just ain’t it.

–By Lindsay Ray

One thought on “Fashion FAIL of the week: Game. Set. Match. You Lose.

  1. I FIRMLY AGREE! What is going on here? And yes, I also flashed to Clueless upon seeing the picture, but this is far worse. Their outfits looked like they had some movement and might be designer. I’m sure she designed this herself…

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