Win! and FAIL of the week: Fashion party faux pas

Women's Wear Daily celebrates 100 years of telling you what to wear.

I’m an itty bitty fashionista in the grand scheme of things, so I’ll be completely honest when I say that I don’t always understand the higher ups in fashion. Sometimes they can create beautiful things, but I’m not sure if they can dress themselves.

So what does this all lead up to? Women’s Wear Daily turned 100 last week, threw a big party, and the who’s who of the fashion world showed up in force. And where the well dressed have gathered, I must comment. And while the higher ups of fashion can create pretty things, they can’t always dress well. Black was in, way in.

Padma Lakishmi wore some sort of black bag with ripped sides with horrendous statement necklace (seriously, when will those be out?).

Jessica Szohr also rocked a black sack except in the form of jumpsuit (which is so two seasons ago).

Worst of all? Nicole Trunfio, channeling the 90s, decided to show her bra through her shirt. Classy.

The one person who did black right? Vera Wang, of course. I even dig the fringe.

The few splashes of color? Definitely not hits. Helen Lee Schifter looks like she skinned a muppet and wore it for a top.

Georgina Chapman looked like she wore a poof of Kleenexes as a dress.

"I did not cheat on my no-food diet yesterday. Nope!"

I do, however, like Coco Rocha’s casual take on party cool. But that’s probably because Coco seems so down-to-earth for a supermodel (seriously, check out her twitter account).

I could go on and on—loved the texture Tory Burch rocked…

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen have definitely perfected the bag lady look…

and Courtney Love didn’t look like her usual hot mess—but every good party must come to an end some time.

Text: "R those my undies @ my feet?"

For more, check out the full slideshow.

–By Lindsay Ray

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