Welcome, Kate! We love England’s preppy princess-to-be

You may remember a while ago I wrote about the annoying fascination with the fashion of women in power. I grumbled: Shouldn’t these powerful women be judged for their actions and hard work, not their suit choices?

And now, Prince William and Kate Middleton are getting married. Which means tongues are a-wagging all over the place about Kate’s style.

I suppose I should say it doesn’t matter, that Kate should take the opportunity to use her marriage to do good in the world, to do charity work, etc. But I can’t help myself. My brain is half feminist, half fashionista wannabe, and the fashionista wins on this one: I adore Kate’s style and thus am stupidly excited about the engagement of the two famous folks.

Why? Because Kate has my dream wardrobe. I kid you not. She has perfect taste in formal wear, casual wear, night-on the town wear, work wear. I don’t even want to think about what crimes I would commit to have that girl’s closet.

Kate used to work in the fashion industry, so one might expect her to be more daring, and thus more susceptible to making serious fashion blunders in the name of being trendy. But not Kate! Nooooo. As if she’s known all along that she would soon be royalty, she’s established a kind of uniform that keeps her always looking sharp: Wrap dresses, tall boots, dark jeans, well-tailored coats, classic-cut gowns with a touch of trend, and that always-perfect hair. I even love the strange fluffy side hats. How does she pull those off?

Word is on the street that William gave Kate his mother’s engagement ring (cue the whole world: “AWWWWW”). We all remember how the beloved Diana became an instant fashion icon, and how gads of designers threw evening gowns, sporting wear, and jewels her way in hopes of being associated with a classic beauty. It appears that Kate will have no problem becoming a style icon for our generation.

So Kate, welcome to the royal family. I hear the pressure is hell, but girl, I know you’re going to look GREAT.

–By Tara Cavanaugh

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