Wins and Fails of the Week: The People’s Edition


First post of the new year, and awards season is just kicking off. So let’s kick this thing off.

Kristen Stewart totally rocked it in a gold micro mini. She looked lovely, fresh and like she was having fun whereas she usually looks miserable and awkward.

Check it: Redhead in a beautiful blue dress. Kate Walsh looked flawless.

Lucy Hale looked grown up and glam in gold. I particularly love her hair and red lipstick—it’s a nice contrast in color.


Katy Perry looked like she was wearing a poofy dress of purple cellophane.

Girl. Give up the "teenage dream" theme already.

Although Minka Kelly looked gorgeous hair and makeup-wise, her little gypsy number looked like it would fall right off.

A million men, hoping for a nip slip.

Ashley Tisdale looked like someone pissed in her cornflakes. Or she was just pissed off about her awful tan.

A million mothers, going STAND UP STRAIGHT!

Jury’s Out:

La Meester is at it again. I can’t quite make up my mind about that little fashion daredevil’s latest concoction. Fun and flirty? Or fun with mom’s appliqué machine?

Fashion forward or Forever 21?

–By Lindsay Ray

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