Brighten Up!

It’s January. You’re cold. The stores are filled with strappy sandals and string bikinis. I’m no good at statistics, but I’m guessing you live in one of the 49 states that got snow last week.

We’re all getting a little surly with Mother Nature right now. I mean, she’s just MEAN!

Fortunately, there is still bright, sunny and (most importantly!) warm winter wear out there. Better yet, it’s probably on sale.

So until the sun comes back, warm up with these picks.

Gap fleece striped scarf, now $8

Victoria's Secret slipper mocassins. On sale, $19.

American Eagle snowflake toggle sweater. Sale: $30.

Stoplight-red Calvin Klein coat. A pricey $160-- but it was originally $380.

Insulated pink rainboots will keep you warm AND dry in the winter, spring AND fall. (Maybe even summer, too. ) So pretty! Useful! Three-seasonable! I'm soon to rock these kicks. On sale for $50 at Piperlime...and $36 at These babies also come in METALLIC SILVER.

–By Tara Cavanaugh

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