Wins! FAILS! Oscars!

Red Carpet Winners

Mila Kunis and Hailee Steinfeld might’ve lost out on Oscars, but they definitely won in the style department with these pretty pastels. And they look appropriately hot and age appropriate respectively.

Plus, Hailee rocked red Converse at the Vanity Fair party. Gotta love the girl’s confidence.


Red on Red

Sandra Bullock and Anne Hathaway both walked the red carpet in red (go figure) and sported trains with poofy behinds.


Sandy’s dress actually makes it look like she has a butt. Both make me go meh.


Jennifer Lawrence, on the other hand, looks stunning in her red dress. She proves that you can keep things simple and still look simply elegant.


Hooker Haute Couture

Helena Bonham Carter looks like she’s a running a high-class bordello.


Sofia Vergara looks like she’s working in a strip club. Sofia, you’re hot; you don’t have to go for broke.


Jena Malone looked like a baby stripper.

Quick! Oscar-dress-free-association!

Jennifer Hudson: Bold and beautiful.


Amy Adams: Sparkles gone wrong.


Scarlett Johansson: Coked out ’90s starlet.

Honey, it's the Oscars. Least you can do is wash your hair!


Reese Witherspoon: Simple, sleek, perfect. (And: Barbie!)

–By Lindsay Ray


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