So it’s probably the only place on earth where you would see more yellow caution tape than a CSI episode. That’s right: a Gaga concert. Now I might sometimes criticize Gaga’s fashion and sometimes question her choices (human hair cape, anyone?), but truth is, I love her. The woman practically oozes individuality, and who doesn’t love that?

I was lucky enough (and because my bestie loved me enough) to see the Lady in concert. Let me just say, some may call her a freak, but girl has serious talent. My respect for her as a performer has increased a hundred-fold having seen her live. A Gaga concert is like a giant dance party. She knows how to work a crowd, utilize an arena stage, respect her fans and give a pretty B.A. speech on empowerment. Plus, girlfriend ain’t lip syncing, and she plays her own instruments.

Gaga also ditched her most recent Madonna-esque look to return to more standard fare—for her anyway. Everything was sans pants as per usual. She opened with standard leotard and poofy sleeves and sunnies. And her sunshine yellow hair also made a re-appearance. (And played a piano in a car!)

She then switched it up with a red caftan and sexy nun (if nuns can be sexy). She also went heavy metal and donned what looked like a long garbage bag while rockin’ a keyboard. But then stripped down to leather undies.

Her general lack of clothing was only broken up by a hairy black cape. And she switched it up with a monster ball-gown. And a space age galactic gown. She further switched it up by donning the nude skirt she wore to the Grammys to close the concert with her anthem “Born This Way.”

Gaga changed her set almost as many times as she changed her outfits. The set would change from grunge street scene to fantastical forest. It was like a magnificent nightmare straight out of her mind. Gaga delights in the horrific. But most of all, Gaga celebrates individuality and self-empowerment.

–By Lindsay Ray

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