Fail and Win of the Week: Rock and Reese

The Coachella music festival was just this past weekend, which means all the hippies and hipsters came out to play (and I was livestreaming like a crazy person). And while the desert setting and rock vibe dictates the style, there are still plenty of ways to make mis-steps. For example, take Kate Bosworth. The all-white look should’ve stayed in the ’80s. And honey, when your pockets peak out from your shorts? Trashy. (I wouldn’t mind her Alexander Skarsgard accessory though. Just sayin.’) Coachella’s about rockin’ a boho style like a badass; Kate, you’re trying too hard.

(Check out more Coachella style)

Although Kate’s look is a bad flashback to a totally awesome decade, the retro look I’m really digging is Reese Witherspoon’s. Not only is her Depression style in the glossy Water for Elephants promos to die for, but her ’50s-inspired style premiere dress is flirty and fun while remaining polished.

I like that her hair is a little undone and her jewels are simple. The combination lets the Jason Wu dress shine.

P.S. Having just finished Water for Elephants, I’m excited to see the book come to life on the screen. Seriously check it out if you love circuses, romance, historical dramas or Reese’s sure to be sizzling late ’20s fashion.

–By Lindsay Ray

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