Fails of the Week: E.T. (Xtra Terrifying) edition

Xtina’s all ready for filming Burlesque Two: More Sequins and Stilettos. When I saw this picture, I kept expecting Cher to jump out and share sparkle lipstick tips before busting into a ballad.

If you haven’t heard Katy Perry’s latest single, “ET,” then I don’t know where you’ve been. But Katy’s been sporting a Queen Amidala look, which is so ’99 and Natalie Portman did it better.

However, for her American Idol appearance, Katy opted to cross C.S. Lewis’s White Witch with Alien. If she really wanted to go for a themed look, she should’ve sported a Reese’s pieces dress or at least a glowing finger and fondness for botany. Spielberg would be so disappointed.

P.S. Found some shoes to go with Fergie’s Lego dress:

–By Lindsay Ray

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