WTF: Sexist Candy from 1976

Unfortunately, we live in a world where there are some places where we’ve come to expect sexism: the work place, professional sports (Cue that guy: “I mean, come on, men’s sports are just more popular because they’re just better at sports than girls.”), and so on and so forth. But then there are just the places that we see sexism that are just totally bizarre.

The Nestle Yorkie apparently has something going on for it that is so manly that the ladies can’t handle it. According to my extensive Wikipedia research, this candy bar was made to be more serious, so to speak, than the other popular chocolate bar at the time of its advent in 1976, which was creamier (and therefore more feminine?). However, the tagline “It’s not for girls” didn’t come around until 2001. So after 25 years of a less sexist candy bar, Nestle decided to add that zinger as their tagline.

But don’t worry y’all! In 2006, Nestle saw the error of their ways and made a pink wrapped edition with cute flavors, like honeycomb, and raisin and biscuit so the ladies wouldn’t feel left out. But they couldn’t even leave it at that. As you can kind of see in the picture the “very limited edition” wrapper has girl power phrases on it like, “Wrap your lips around this” and “5 hunky chunks of chocolate.” So not only does it sexualize anyone that chooses to eat this candy, it is even more degrading than before.

Now is the part of this piece where you’ll expect me to tell you not to worry, and that the candy bar slogan has been changed or just completely eliminated because after all it is 2011. Nope, this candy bar is still available. Just when you think things are starting to become more bearable…

–By Samantha Howard

One thought on “WTF: Sexist Candy from 1976

  1. I am a dedicated chocoholic, one of those sad cases who HAS to try every new bar that comes on the market, and I’ve had Yorkie bars around me my whole life. In spite of those two facts, Yorkie I have never eaten. As a child I didn’t understand their wrappers, but something about them put me on edge. As I got older, I realised why, and I avoided them like the plague.

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