More Middleton Madness

Kate and Wills (aka He Who Looks More Like Prince Charles Ever Day, the Poor Sod) have completed their North American good will tour. And I was going to stay completely out of it; I was. I’ve been feeling Middleton-ed out, what with the Kate-this and Kate-that, and oh look, Pippa, too! Let’s throw her in for good measure. But then the Royal Newlyweds just had to go and be endearing. I mean, look at that photo.

Don’t they just look completely happy? Not to mention, they could model for Cavenders or Wranglers. Or I could meet them at the Ft. Worth Stockyards or something. As a girl from Texas, I know my cowboy fashion.

Plus, Kate managed to look the height of foreign diplomacy fashion by rockin’ it in red with fabulous maple leaf pin given to her by the Queen. I just wish I could take a look at the Queen’s fab jewelry collection, much less wear some of it.

BONUS: Marilyn Monroe moment! And a gorgeous yellow dress.

–By Lindsay Ray

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