Ugly cute or just ugly?

Oh, fuck it. The 90s are back. I live in a college town; all the little co-op residents are walking around in crop tops and high tops. Just in the past week I’ve seen more braids and scrunchies than in my first grade class picture.
So now, because the stores are full of ugly things, I’ve had to ask myself: Is it ugly cute, or just ugly?
Help me decide.

English nanny booties?

Lenses: bigger and geekier and not chic-ier.

Geometric prints?


Plaid minis?

The floppy vacay hat?

The 1994 satchel?

–By Tara Cavanaugh

4 thoughts on “Ugly cute or just ugly?

  1. it sometimes crazzy when you are shopping with your friend and they pick out something really hideous and are like ” it might look ugly now but its gonna look super cute on”.. on what, a troll?? lol.. crazyy..

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