Win of the Week: Mila’s Tour of Awesome

So Mila Kunis has been hitting the press circuit pretty hard for her latest flick, Friends with Benefits. And she’s been rocking some fantastic frocks on her fantastically tiny body. Like this one.

It’s kind of hard to pull of silky and drape-y without it looking like some sort of robe, but Mila manages it. And she also looks awesome in that peach color, which I could never do with my skin tone and I just might hate (only a little bit) her for. And just check out the expression on her face. It’s like she’s saying, “Yeah, I know it; I’m hot.”
And this is just like the feather in her fashion cap. She’s been white swanning it up in a pair of little cocktail dresses. These say to me, “See, Natalie? I totally could’ve been the White Swan.”

So props, Mila. You’ve convinced me to see your movie. (Well, you and what I’ve heard are some well-timed Harry Potter puns.)

–By Lindsay Ray

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