Fail of the Week: Just Sey-fried NO

So I’ve kind of always liked Amanda Seyfried ever since she predicted the weather with her boobs in Mean Girls. (Plus, she was totally Veronica Mars’ doomed-but-way-fun BFF Lily. I love pretty much everyone from that show.) But as much as I like, and as pretty as she is, there is never an excuse for a shiny blue suit as formal wear. And can Hollywood stop trying to make formal shorts happen? They’re shorts—you can’t really dress them up even if you add heels. Plus, she looks like she’s in a suit competition with J. Timberlake. Girlfriend, if you want to suit up and out-GQ J.T., then you’re going to have try something that doesn’t look like it got stuck in a time warp for an ’80s prom.

–By Lindsay Ray

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