Tulle, lace and the end of the world

Lately, I’ve of seen a couple of depressing movies that featured weddings. Which would be sad if the fashion wasn’t so awesome.

I went to see Breaking Dawn (Don’t judge. It’s one of the most cracked out novels I’ve ever read, like a fried twinkie, a soap opera and sequins all rolled into one. Seeing that on screen provided for lots of giggles.) The one thing that is supremely awesome is the fashion. Whoever is the stylist on that film definitely earned his or her money. The dress was made by Caroline Herrera, and Alfred Angelo produced a replica that hit stores just after the movie premiered.

So here’s what to wear if you’re going to marry your undead fiancé who happens to want your blood:

And check out these shoes. Shiny!

I also saw an advanced screening of Melancholia, which is a beautifully shot movie about the nature and scope of depression. So naturally it opens with a wedding (I’m pretty sure the wedding dress even has meaning in this metaphor-laden movie). But if you’re going to marry a hunky giant and then have a matrimonial meltdown, at least do it while wearing a floaty princess gown with lots of tulle, which can be seen in the film’s Ophelia-esque poster.

If you’re going to run from marriage, do it while looking fabulous.

However, the picture is missing my favorite poofy, flower shoulder pads. Because nothing says wedding like full on ’80s puff.

–By Lindsay Ray

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