The black hole that is Black Friday

This year, Black Friday broke sales records galore. Today’s Cyber Monday is set to do the same. There’s only one reason for this, and it’s not the economy getting worse or getting better or people getting more desperate.

It’s because this has been the longest. Black Friday. EVER.

See, Black Friday this year started on Thursday night, as stores did the ridiculous and opened late on Thanksgiving instead of in the wee hours on Friday. But the Black Friday sales were widely available all last week—Gap even had a “Merry Monday.” And then today’s Cyber Monday? Ha. I had “Cyber Monday” coupons in my inbox all weekend.

I suspect that this new Sales Week of Crazy is all because retailers just can’t stop themselves. I’m not sure who first decided to start Black Friday on Thanksgiving, but then the rest of them followed suit. Same with offering Cyber Monday deals early.

The thing is, though, these “deals” aren’t that awesome. Free shipping? Pfffft. Small potatoes, man. 30 percent off your order? Meh. Retailers are petering out. They can’t keep up the stamina.

But they can keep up the hope, according to the New York Times:

“Mobile shopping is also expected to drive online sales on Monday, because people returning to work after the holiday can conveniently shop on their lunch break or under the conference table in a meeting, said Claudia Lombana, shopping specialist at PayPal.”

Apparently they don’t think we have anything else to do.


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