This is a terrible Photoshop job or some male teen model’s worst day ever

Something is off with this photo. Right?

So while perusing Target’s website the other day (did you know that they offer “online prices” cheaper than in the store?) I was looking at dresses. And the models in said dresses are all posy like this:

La la la, we're lady models for Target....

You got your smiles and your tug of the dress and flip of the hand and stuff like that. But then this kept showing up.

Fellow Femthreads writer Erin is a Photoshop queen. She guesses it’s a graphic designer gone desperate.

The tell is in the feet: They look like they’re suspended, but all of the other photos show women with feet flat on the ground. These photos also don’t show the model’s smile, whereas the other photos do.

The other thing? The shoulders, which in some photos are cut smaller, leaving weird pointy angles.

You know, the first photo I saw, I thought, hm that’s an oddly uncurvy model. And then I moved on. When I saw him in a second photo I was all, oh  there’s that unfortunate person again. But when I saw another dozen photos I was all, HEY!

Levitating feet, shaved-off shoulders, weird two-dimensional cut and paste. Isn’t it funny how, in the quest to make picture-perfect people, somehow they stop looking like real people?

3 thoughts on “This is a terrible Photoshop job or some male teen model’s worst day ever

  1. That is probably not a man. And if it is? Thats awesome. If a male model wanted to model a dress and was actually ALLOWED to on a national campaign – fabulous.

    And because it is likely a woman, your entire post is essentially a slap in the face to all famales. Tearing a woman down for being too thin, too fat, too muscular, is all the same – it is harmful, negative, shameful, and unnecessary. Have you forgotten the title of your blog and main tag line? FEMthreads – fearless conversations on FEMINISM and fashion.

    • Hey. We’re very, very sorry if this could be interpreted as an attack on transgender individuals. That was in no way what we meant.
      Instead, we really meant to poke fun at the photoshopping. The model’s feet are levitating, and the shoulders are literally sliced off, leaving weird angles. To the author’s eye (who has some graphic design/photoshop experience herself), the dresses look like they’re pasted on top of the bodies.
      There are all sorts of bodies out there, and we should be able to accept that. That’s why we like to point out weird and unnatural photoshopping techniques.
      We totally understand that gender and sexuality exist on a spectrum, and that people place themselves on that spectrum wherever they are comfortable. That’s another post for another day. For now, seriously, we really just meant to make fun of the graphic designer who did a pretty hack job (for all we know, that could be several bodies mashed together there!).

    • I think the point is that if this IS a male model, they’ve photoshopped his image poorly in order to make him “fit in.” Why not keep his or her smile and natural curves or angles? Besides, the author isn’t tearing down this man or woman’s natural body. This model was intentionally photoshopped to give him or her an extremely angular look and the graphic artist made it look quite artificial. If it is a male model, it sucks that they couldn’t just leave his features alone (hence, “some male teen model’s worst day ever). His body, which is wonderful as it is, is being used as a mere template.

      I think it’s “fearless” to point out this discrepancy, considering people’s sensitivity regarding how women and transgendered people’s bodies are portrayed in the media.

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