Much Ado About Denim Shirts

At first, I regarded the return of the denim button-down with horror: Another awful 90s trend?!
But on second glance, a denim shirt can be pretty cool when paired with the right accessories. Check it out:

With red
Bright red lips, nails or a sweater provide a trendy (and holiday-appropriate!) contrast to light blue denim.

LOVE essie’s “forever yummy” for the holidays. The brand can be found at Target or pharmacies for around 8 bucks.

For work
Instead of wearing the predictable white button-down under your collection of colorful cardis, try a denim shirt. The collar makes it still dressy, just way more trendy and a little more down to earth.

With pearls
The contrast of unfussy collared denim and pretty pearls: chic.

Go casual with dark denim
We’re talking dark jeans. Leave the shirttails out and roll up the sleeves. With a bright beaded necklace and windswept hair, you’re good to go.

Of course, I kind of want to wear everything with glitter right now, so maybe it’s just me.

Don’t forget: Get the right fit
I’ve found a bunch of oversized and overpriced denim shirts in the stores, but I purchased a fitted denim-like shirt from H&M for $18. It’s a textured light blue, so it looks just like denim but feels a little lighter to wear (and it was certainly lighter on my wallet!).

For some reason I can’t find the exact shirt I bought in the store on the website. Mine’s a lighter and more textured blue with a great navy ribbon contrasting on the inside collar.


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