How to get windswept hair

It’s just good sense to know that eventually we’ll look back on today’s trends in horror (leggings, ahem!). But one thing I think we’ll love even in the future are today’s hairstyles. Hair right now is feminine, flow-y, voluminous, and –one of my faves– totally windswept.

Piece-y, textured and pretty.

So how to get the windswept ‘do without the wind tunnel? Like-a this-a:

First, gather your supplies: You’ll need texturizing spray, straightening balm, a stiff-bristle brush, a round brush, a blow dryer, finishing wax. Optional: straightening or curling iron.

Post-shower, towel dry the crap outta your mane. Liberally spritz a texturizing spray (I like Rusk).

Get hair 50 percent dry, building volume on the way. Volume is best achieved by blow-drying upside-down, or by creating deep side parts and drying while pulling hair away from the head with a stiff brush, focusing the dryer on the roots first and moving down to the ends.

Here’s what I do: I create a deep side part on my left, dry that while pulling hair away with the brush, and repeat on the right side.  Then I flip a chunk of hair at the crown of my head forward and dry that, always pulling hair away with the brush.

When hair is halfway dry, work straightening balm through. I use Redken.

Now for some selective round-brush drying. I have a long angled bob, so I like to dry the bottom layers with a round brush for some oomph. I also finish drying the hair at the top of my head (the crown) with a round brush too.

Once hair is dry, the fun begins! Make a deep side part. We’re talking severe. Then grab some finishing wax (I looove Bumble & Bumble’s Brilliantine) and go wild.  I like grabbing chunks of hair and twisting the balm through the ends, and also working it up through the hair at the crown for extra volume. If you want, use an iron to straighten some wavy parts or to give those wavy parts more defined curls.

If you’re cool with second-day hair, the windswept look can totally be worn tomorrow. All the products in it make it look especially swooshy when you wake up in the morning. It might get a little flat on the second day, but brushing hair from underneath using a stiff bristle brush can help revive it. It’s also fun pulled into a low ponytail or a loose side braid.


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