Kate Middleton’s Style Secrets

Whenever I see photos of the Duchess of Cambridge, I can’t help but wonder what goes on behind the scenes. She’s always perfectly coiffed in a neatly tailored ensemble with just a hint of trendiness. And she tops it off with that megawatt smile– no matter the location, event or time of day. Such perfection must be exhausting. How does she do it?

She sticks to a color palette
To flatter her complexion, the princess favors navy, neutrals and sometimes red. If she wears a pattern, it’s often black-and-white. On the rare occasion that she dons a bold color, she still wears her favorite neutral pumps.

…even for special events
For something special, she picks purple. Lilac for the BAFTA awards, a plum suit for her first royal Christmas.

A-line shapes
Shifts, wrap dresses, evening gowns, blazers: they all nip in at her (painfully tiny!) waist. It’s a flattering, classic fit that allows her outfits to be just a tad trendy, but never over-the-top.

Her designers on speed-dial
Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen designed her infamous wedding dress, and she’s since gone back to Burton for other dresses. She often wears Issa (of the also infamous engagement dress) and Burberry coats.

Burberry, McQueen, Issa. Her black velvet McQueen gown last month drew comparisons to Princess Di.

She clutches a clutch
She’d never bog down a beautiful ensemble with a big shoulder bag.

She dares to re-wear
Donning the same hat, shoes and jeans just makes us like her more.

Classy and casual in cropped, dark skinny jeans

She dresses her man-cessory
She and William have to know that whenever they go out, all the pictures are focusing on her. So she makes sure that her walking man accessory doesn’t clash. She never matches William’s outfit, but she somehow always makes sure his clothes *go* with hers. Smart.

I mean, srsly.


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