Wins and Fails of the Week: People’s Choice Awards

I kind of dig Vanessa Hudgens’s art deco dress. It’s like she’s starring in her own flapper-esque dinner mystery theater. And while she’s trying to convince you she’s innocent, her dress clearly says I’ve got you trapped in my web of lies.

Also in on the Twenties-era vibe? Alyson Hannigan looking lovely in red. She can join Vanessa for a little mystery. Or maybe they’re both stoked for the upcoming Gatsby adaptation and can see the flapper trend coming way before anyone else can.

Jennifer Lawrence’s dress looked like a visual representation of the sea. You know when Ariel made her first dress out of a sail in The Little Mermaid? She should’ve found some netting and called up Jennifer Lawrence for some tips on how to work it.

Emma Stone went with the color of the evening for the ladies. She pulls off a very Melanie Griffith from Working Girl vibe.

I like Nina Dobrev’s dress in theory, but I’m not sure I can really like those sleeves. And while it’s in the hot color of the evening, it goes into a category I put many dresses of the night in: good color, bad execution. Plus, I keep thinking it would make a fab evening dress for Poison Ivy to wear right before scampering off to cause some crime and flirt with Batman.

So the PCA’s had a dress showdown between two unlikely candidates: Julianne Hough and Sharon Osbourne. Both wore sparkly dresses with daring backs.  Sharon’s was just the slightly more respectable, AARP-card version.

Cutest cocktail dress goes to Ashley Benson.

Her Pretty Little Liars costar Lucy Hale, on the other hand, I don’t even know where to start. It’s like her dress had a split personality and one side was trying to eat her alive. Or she borrowed it from the wardrobe of Dynasty.

While Demi Lovato’s peach dress was a fresh color, I don’t like the bedazzled belly. I liked the red mullet dress she performed in even less.

Editor’s note: Weird dress, sure, but NICE man-cessory.

Miley Cyrus. What to say about Miley’s dress? The top looks like a daring figure skating costume for the long program. But then there’s a tablecloth cascading around her crotch like a lovely linen waterfall. And there’s a mesh skirt? With like rainbow fish or neon glow sticks tacked on to the bottom? What even?

Lea Michele: If Egyptian queens were mummified in silly string, this is how I picture them looking. It’s like she’s the living embodiment of Weezer’s The Sweater Song: If you want to destroy her dress, pull this thread as she walks away.

And Jennifer Morrison looked like a crocheted lampshade.

And is it wrong to love a man in a plaid suit? If so, I don’t want to be right. Love you, Zachary Levi.

—Lindsay Ray with an assist from Ashley Espinosa

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