Wins of the Week: Golden Globes Edition

The Big Winners

The clear winner of red carpet looks for me? Claire Danes’ monochromatic stunner. It seems fairly simple in the front, but then she gives an over the shoulder look, and the dress goes from simple to stunning.

Octavia Spencer was fantastic and just so sassy in The Help. And she was lovely in lilac on the red carpet.

Another castmember from The Help, Jessica Chastain, was also a big hit with me. (Actually most of that cast had great dresses.) From far away, her dress looks so simple, but up close, it has lots of delicate pearl detailing.

While I wish Rooney Mara would jus wear a little bit of color and leave The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo behind, I have to admit she’s rocking this dress. I doubt anyone else could rock Lisbeth Salander coture.

I love Diane Lane in general (she just ages so gracefully), so maybe I’m a little biased but I loved her golden Seventies-esque dress.

Can a girl ever really go wrong with glitter and gold?

Another star with a retro flair was Julie Bowen, who looked a bit like a cross between a floaty light pink cloud and a girl headed to a  ’50s prom.

And her Modern Family costar Ariel Winter was so cute and age-appropriate. Plus, I saw her on the red carpet and she gave probably one of the cutest interviews ever.

Ravishing in Red

Red tones and dep purples were a big hit on the carpet. Reese Witherspoon and Natalie Portman looked particularly lovely in their red dresses, but my fave red of the evening would have to go to Dianna Agron. Her dress may look a bit like red doilies, but I find the effect to be stunning.

And not to be outdone by her castmates, Viola Davis wowed in a lovely deep color and daring slit.

And rounding out the overall Help fashion win, Emma Stone in a lovely purple and fuschia dress. Bonus: Check out that swank eagle belt.

Look at her strike that pose. Doesn’t she look like her own Barbie? Or a mannequin?

On the Fence

There were a few looks that I couldn’t quite decide on.

Overall, I loved Charlize Theron’s throwback to old school Hollywood glamour. However, I want her to ditch the hip puff. If you’re going to go for sexy and slinky, why add extraneous fabric?

I adored the color of Paula Patton’s dress, but I’m not a fan of the meraid tail. I thought mermaid tails had gone out of fashion (or was that just my wishful thinking)?

This is Lea Michele’s second Marchesa in the past week. It is yet again a daring choice. I’m not sure I appreciate the overall effect since it sort of looks like a bird exploded on her chest. But somehow it’s flattering on her? I have so many mixed feelings about this.

Epic Fails

Piper Perabo, more like Piper Peraboo. That’s a lot of dress, and yet, I still feel scandalized.

Kristen Wiig may not be exposing nude bits, but her nude slip is still a flop.

Amanda Peet looked like a lacy wedding cake. Or a sister-wife, whichever.

Why, Sarah Michelle Gellar, why? I adore you, so why must you do this to me? Your tie-dyed dress is like the Acid-wash jean version of dresses. On the other hand, she let her two-year-old help pick out her outfit, which is kind of awesome and adorable.

Nicole Richie looks like something is growing out of her head, and although the dress is beaded, it looks like the ball gown version of chainmail. Joan of Arc evening wear?

Well, Nicole Kidman’s bedazzler got a workout

Oh. So this is how you go wrong with glitter and gold. We stand corrected.

–By Lindsay Ray

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