Wins of the Week: Dazzling accessories edition

I know most people talk about the dresses at awards show (and yeah, I do that too). But there were so many amazing accessories at the Golden Globes, I had to create a separate post for them.

While Michelle William’s had a pretty awesome headband, I loved Charlize Theron’s sparkly headband because I’m squirrel-like and can’t resist shiny objects.

Frida Pinto’s fantastic necklace perfectly compliments her fairly simple dress.

Same goes for Heidi Klum’s necklace (at least I think it’s a necklace and not part of the dress). I love how the turquoise contrasts with her frock, which I’m not too fond of on its own.

Julianne Moore went with a simple black dress but the entire better to show off her stunning earrings. Look how they pop!

Mila Kunis was also oddly boring in her dress but her fantastic earrings almost make up for it. (Also, what lovely soft makeup!)

Angelina went full-on glam. And while her tailored dress was super sexy, what I appreciated most was how well her bag matched the red flap at the top of her dress.

Amazing hair can in and of itself be a fantastic accessory. And Salma Hayek had fabulous hair.

And while Zooey Deschanel’s ’60s look was bold, I especially appreciated her cute and event-appropriate nails.

–By Lindsay Ray

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