Wins and Fails of the Week: SAG Awards edition

The Ladies of Modern Family

Not only did they win for best ensemble, but the ladies of Modern Family also definitely win for best dressed in my books.

Yet again, Ariel Winter shows up to the red carpet looking so cute and age-appropriate.

Ditto Sarah Hyland who was also looking lovely.

And I loved the vivid colors and details on the two leading ladies’ dresses.

The draping back of Julie Bowen’s dress was fab. (Mostly because she has the back to pull it off.)

And the structure of Sofia Vergara’s gown showed off her curvy figure to a T.

A Splash of Color

My other favorite dresses of the evening included just a little splash of color.

Dianna Agron also rocked a frock in the same fuchsia color palette as the Modern Family ladies. I even dig her Heidi hair (probably because I always secretly wanted to figure out how to braid my hair like that when I was little and had just seen Heidi for the first time).

Diane Lane, on the other hand, let the fantastic color of her dress speak for itself and went simple with her hair and accessories.

Now, if I were Kyra Sedgwick and had a body like that, I would totally wear a stunning red dress that showed off my tattoo, too.

Michelle Williams also looked stunning in red although I think I liked her dress more during the telecast and before I realized it wasn’t a full-length gown. I’m still counting this as a win for the lovely lace detailing.

There’s just something about a redhead in green. I particularly enjoyed Ellie Kemper. Maybe because she always seems so happy everywhere she goes.

But my favorite hue of the evening? Emily Blunt’s bright choice.

Back to Basics

Sometimes it pays to keep it simple. It worked for the cast from The Help.

Viola Davis was stunning in this white Grecian-looking Marchesa.

And I even liked Emma Stone’s tea length McQueen. I think the perfect lippy and updo saved it for me.

And if you’re going to go with a basic color, then put a little va in your voom a la Naya Rivera.

Nah to the Neutrals

But then sometimes neutral colors are just boring. I’m looking at you, Juliana Marguiles and Tilda Swinton. C’mon, Swinton, pull it together. You were supposed to swan into this thing with an intriguing outfit, not some boring ol’ bedsheet.

And Zoe Saldana, hon, you’re hot. Why would you ever wrap your body in gauze and saran wrap? You deserve better.

And Kristen Wiig opted for yet another baggy neutral dress. Snoozefest. Except she decided to mix things up a bit by wearing a dominatrix-esque choker with it. Who even does that?

What the What?

But I saved my big WTF?!? moment for  the lovely Rose Byrne. A beaded pantsuit??! I don’t care if some people think you took a fashion risk, take it back to wherever you found it and leave it there.

In other news, Kaley Cuoco looked like a walking cloud. (With bad Heidi braid!)

Amber Heard looked like her torso had been wrapped in ace bandages.

And Shailene Woodley looked like she was wearing really bad wallpaper.

Win for most melodramatic pose of the evening: Lea Michele natch.

That's not a thigh-high slit, honey. That's a HIP-high slit.

–By Lindsay Ray

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