Fails of the Week: 2012 Grammy Red Carpet Edition

The Grammys always promise wackadoo fashion, and this year didn’t entirely disappoint.

Sasha Gradiva, who I admit I don’t know, went retro—as in’80s Terminator style. (Insert your favorite fashion-related, Ah-nold-inflected Terminator joke here.)

Bonnie McKee is perhaps the only person I’ve ever seen with hair extensions for her dress. It just looks like she really needs to shave her armpits.

And while Katy Perry looked fairly lovely, she just reminded me too much of the Blue Fairy. Or maybe she is still trying to make the Smurfs happen.

My first reaction on seeing Fergie? “That is not a dress.” And it’s not. It’s really like a scrap of lovely material. I can’t wait for the lace trend to end if this is the result. Also, why are you wearing granny panties when your dress is see through?

Skylar Grey looked a bit like a zombie bride. Btw the’90s really wants its look back.

Robyn chose to wear a mullet dress and lumberjack shoes. At least she picked a theme and went with it.

And Nicki Minaj, oh, Nicki Minaj. Thanks for escorting a bishop and sporting a little red riding hood look before freaking out on stage. (Also, thanks so much for taking the title of one of my favorite Audrey Hepburn films and ruining it via song.)

Win of the Week: ADELE! You go, girl!

–By Lindsay Ray

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