Win of the Week: The Hunger Games premiere


So anyone who knows me probably knows I’m ridiculously excited for The Hunger Games movie to come out. As in I already have my midnight premiere tickets and have been following the filmmaking process since the movie was announced. So of course I checked out the premiere and was keen to see the sparkly dresses and suits since fashion does kind of have a pivotal moment in the book. Maybe I’m a little biased because I love her as an actress, but I really like Jennifer Lawrence’s gold dress. It’s futuristic, which is the right feel for this movie, and a little Capitol-esque. Yes, it does look a little like space blanket-couture. But the cutout on the back is awesome, and it kind of looks like something Katniss would rock in an interview.

I also love both the red dresses Leven Rambin and Elizabeth Banks sported, mainly because they fit the Girl on Fire theme. And they seem a bit in character, with Elizabeth’s capturing that quirky, futuristic vibe and Leven’s really glimmers.

Jacqueline Emerson was stunning in green. (It just looks so good with her red hair.)


Update: The gold rush continues…

And so does my love affair with Jennifer Lawrence. She again donned a sleek gold dress for the UK THG premiere. Except this time it looks like gold snakeskin. Does it get any better than this? I kind of want her to wear gold textured dresses for the rest of her international premiere tour. I mean, I’m really liking how she’s walking around looking like an Oscar all the time. It’s like she’s saying, “See, Academy? Gold and I look good together.”

–By Lindsay Ray

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