Win of the Week: The Gal in Green

So I know the Kate Middleton (Or Duchess Catherine, whatever) thing is probably over-reported and run into the ground. But ya got to admit, most ladies probably did not look this classy on St. Patrick’s Day. Plus, there’s a costumed dog! The whole picture is completely charming.

And Kate really favors these coat-dresses (probably because they’re so flattering to her figure.) She wore another coat-dress—in a stunning blue!—for her first public speaking engagement.

So the question is: how to steal Kate’s current outerwear-heavy style and transition it into warmer weather?

The key is a structured top that cinches at the waist, preferably with a belt.

This option from ASOS ($42.97) might be less formal than Kate’s frocks, but it’s another way to make a statement in blue.

While not as coat-like, this H&M dress ($29.95) is a great option for a warm night.

Or splurge on this J Crew dress ($198.00), in the same cobalt as Kate’s, and add your own statement-making belt.

–By Lindsay Ray

One thought on “Win of the Week: The Gal in Green

  1. I LOVE that green dress. I wish I could just wear that around like it was a normal thing to do in my life. Shes so flawless when it comes to fashion. I am a complete fashion reject and even I can see how strategic the planning is for her wardrobe.

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