Have fun with a faux bob


Ah, February: the national month of hibernating in hate.

It’s cold. And dark. And it’s been cold and dark for forever and Mother Nature is all “Psh, bitch, I’m just getting started.”

Since any hope of sun or a sunny wardrobe is far, far away, why not shake things up with a shockingly short hairstyle that you can forget about tomorrow?

Introducing the faux bob. You’ll need a hair elastic and a few bobby pins. Maybe some styling wax, hair spray or dry shampoo too.

A real faux bob

Me and my shoulder-length hair.

Here’s how to do the faux bob:

1. Make a deep side part

2. Wrap the elastic at the end of your hair

3. Roll or twist the end of your hair up towards your neck

4. Pin

5. Enjoy!

I like to do this with second-day hair, so I use a dry shampoo (like Psst!) first to freshen up. You might want some styling wax to make any hair left hanging around your face look piece-y. Hair spray can help it stay in place.

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