Terrible twenties? Nah.


By Lindsay Ray

I’ve spent roughly half of my twenties wondering when I became an adult (The deductible is how much?! When did I even learn the word deductible?) and the other half wishing my twenties were over. I’ve seen 13 Going on 30: thirty and flirty and thriving. Sounds fab—sign me up.

But…I’ve also done some pretty amazing things in my twenties. Precisely because I’m in my twenties. I’m not tied down—I’ve had the freedom to explore and experience new adventures. I’ve traveled to the U.K—twice. I’ve been to both L.A. and N.Y.C.  Saw my first show on Broadway. I’ve been skydiving. I got a free sneak peak at Harry Potter World in Orlando, Fl. Been to my first music festival.

And at 27, I’m not slowing down. I’m hoping to take a trip to Paris this Fall. I still want to make it to Comic Con. And the best friend and I  hope to make it to Coachella before we’re 30 (because for us, Coachella is a little ridiculous post-30 unless you’re famous). I plan on taking full advantage of the last three-ish years I have left in my twenties—filling them with memories I can look back on.

So while a good portion of my twenties has just out-and-out sucked, another portion has been completely amazing. Which is exactly how I imagine you’re twenties are supposed to feel—like a freaking rollercoaster.

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