Olympic Fail of the Week: Bodysuits are boring!

There were plenty of cracktastic things going on in the Olympics’ closing ceremonies (God bless the British), and while I generally enjoyed the spectacle, I couldn’t get over Jessie J’s bodysuit. I don’t care if it is Vivienne Westwood; I’m so over bodysuits. Britney did it eons ago and did it better. Plus, it looks like Jessie has had a weird outbreak of a disease. Or like somebody sneezed sequins all over her. Actually, I hope that’s actually how this outfit was made.

 Bonus Win: Spice Girls reunion!

Fan or not, you still have to admit it’s kind of awesome. Continue reading

What Not To Wear to the Olympics: Pobre Spain Edición.

Aw, poor Spain. Like, literally: Poor Spain. They are BROKE.  They’re borrowing 100 billion euro to stay afloat, their unemployment rate is like 25 percent, and they’re sending their Olympic athletes to London in these retro jumpsuits worn by Russian high school drum majors.

Why, you might ask. For the love of God, WHY?!?!

Because they were free. Continue reading