Bold, beautiful, boooooby at the Emmys

From screamo-yellow to drapes as dresses to BOOBS BOOBS BOOBS, the red carpet sure was loud this year.


Ginnifer Goodwin
I think I like it just because I want to pet the velvet ropes on the dress.

Julianna Margulies
It’d be better 1) shorter and 2) at a Sunday morning wedding or something, but because girlfriend is The Shit on The Good Wife, Ima call this a win.

As if we all needed another reason to be annoyed with Lena Dunham, she shows up looking like a flatulent couch.

Elisabeth Moss: Now THIS is how you wear your grandma’s drapes.

Love the bottle blonde on her! Peggy CAN go glam.

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Win of the Week: Hey you guys!—Check out Martha Plimpton

So Martha Plimpton is awesome. She’s killed it on The Good Wife. And she’s quite funny on Raising Hope. But Martha will always be the bespectacled Stef from The Goonies to me. So it’s nice to see the sarcastic Stef, gal pal to the much-lusted after Andie, grow up and really come into her own. Girlfriend is easy-breezy in this snazzy houndstooth dress. (And I’m a sucker for a good houndstooth.)

And then wow! It’s a fantastic color and sparkly. This is how you dress for the Emmys.

Bonus Va-va-va-voom!

And this is how you dress to win an Emmy. Congrats, Julie Bowen! I’ve loved you since the underappreciated Ed.

–By Lindsay Ray