JC Penney, your grandma’s store no more?


JC Penney has taken a “less is more” attitude toward advertising this year. It has got me thinking, are they trying to be more like Hollister? I think so.

At home in Minneapolis, we get the Sunday newspaper and I’ve noticed that the dowdy department store ads JC Penney used to put out have been totally revamped. Their newspaper inserts used to resemble catalog layouts, with a blah-di-blah plain red, black or white background and as many items squeezed onto each page as possible. Every single piece of clothing on the store’s racks, in every available color, made it into those Sunday ads.

Now JC Penney’s ads look more like those from one of the trendy stores the trendy teenagers love, like Hollister or Abercrombie. JC Penney’s new ads are full of vibrant scenes and images that look like they came from the vacation scrapbook of a professional photographer. The clothing has become secondary to the layout, which is no longer devoid of white space. Instead of five different colors of the same shirt fanned out or stacked into a pile, you can admire just one shirt paired with some fun new summer accessories in a fun beach scene that takes up the entire 2-page layout. Continue reading

Win of the Week: The Gal in Green

So I know the Kate Middleton (Or Duchess Catherine, whatever) thing is probably over-reported and run into the ground. But ya got to admit, most ladies probably did not look this classy on St. Patrick’s Day. Plus, there’s a costumed dog! The whole picture is completely charming.

And Kate really favors these coat-dresses (probably because they’re so flattering to her figure.) She wore another coat-dress—in a stunning blue!—for her first public speaking engagement.

So the question is: how to steal Kate’s current outerwear-heavy style and transition it into warmer weather? Continue reading

Win of the Week: The Hunger Games premiere


So anyone who knows me probably knows I’m ridiculously excited for The Hunger Games movie to come out. As in I already have my midnight premiere tickets and have been following the filmmaking process since the movie was announced. So of course I checked out the premiere and was keen to see the sparkly dresses and suits since fashion does kind of have a pivotal moment in the book. Maybe I’m a little biased because I love her as an actress, but I really like Jennifer Lawrence’s gold dress. It’s futuristic, which is the right feel for this movie, and a little Capitol-esque. Yes, it does look a little like space blanket-couture. But the cutout on the back is awesome, and it kind of looks like something Katniss would rock in an interview.

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Fails of the Week: 2012 Grammy Red Carpet Edition

The Grammys always promise wackadoo fashion, and this year didn’t entirely disappoint.

Sasha Gradiva, who I admit I don’t know, went retro—as in’80s Terminator style. (Insert your favorite fashion-related, Ah-nold-inflected Terminator joke here.)

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Get it together, Austin! or: FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS

Fellow Austinites, what’s wrong with y’all? Just when we start getting more publicity in fashion magazines, we have to spoil it with fashion faux pas that some of you call “trends.”

Like this trashy but popular number:

Dear people who are doing this: why won't you go away?

Leggings aren’t pants! And they look especially silly with Ugg boots on warm winter days. Also, don’t even pretend you’re Audrey Hepburn in your ass-cleaving leggings and ballet flats. Get yourself a pair of cigarette pants or skinny jeans and skip the leggings.

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Wins of the Week: Dazzling accessories edition

I know most people talk about the dresses at awards show (and yeah, I do that too). But there were so many amazing accessories at the Golden Globes, I had to create a separate post for them.

While Michelle William’s had a pretty awesome headband, I loved Charlize Theron’s sparkly headband because I’m squirrel-like and can’t resist shiny objects.

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Wins of the Week: Golden Globes Edition

The Big Winners

The clear winner of red carpet looks for me? Claire Danes’ monochromatic stunner. It seems fairly simple in the front, but then she gives an over the shoulder look, and the dress goes from simple to stunning.

Octavia Spencer was fantastic and just so sassy in The Help. And she was lovely in lilac on the red carpet.

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Wins and Fails of the Week: People’s Choice Awards

I kind of dig Vanessa Hudgens’s art deco dress. It’s like she’s starring in her own flapper-esque dinner mystery theater. And while she’s trying to convince you she’s innocent, her dress clearly says I’ve got you trapped in my web of lies.

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Kate Middleton’s Style Secrets

Whenever I see photos of the Duchess of Cambridge, I can’t help but wonder what goes on behind the scenes. She’s always perfectly coiffed in a neatly tailored ensemble with just a hint of trendiness. And she tops it off with that megawatt smile– no matter the location, event or time of day. Such perfection must be exhausting. How does she do it?

She sticks to a color palette
To flatter her complexion, the princess favors navy, neutrals and sometimes red. If she wears a pattern, it’s often black-and-white. On the rare occasion that she dons a bold color, she still wears her favorite neutral pumps.

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