Wins of the Week: Dazzling accessories edition

I know most people talk about the dresses at awards show (and yeah, I do that too). But there were so many amazing accessories at the Golden Globes, I had to create a separate post for them.

While Michelle William’s had a pretty awesome headband, I loved Charlize Theron’s sparkly headband because I’m squirrel-like and can’t resist shiny objects.

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Wins of the Week: Golden Globes Edition

The Big Winners

The clear winner of red carpet looks for me? Claire Danes’ monochromatic stunner. It seems fairly simple in the front, but then she gives an over the shoulder look, and the dress goes from simple to stunning.

Octavia Spencer was fantastic and just so sassy in The Help. And she was lovely in lilac on the red carpet.

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Wins and Fails of the Week: People’s Choice Awards

I kind of dig Vanessa Hudgens’s art deco dress. It’s like she’s starring in her own flapper-esque dinner mystery theater. And while she’s trying to convince you she’s innocent, her dress clearly says I’ve got you trapped in my web of lies.

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Win of the Week: Hey you guys!—Check out Martha Plimpton

So Martha Plimpton is awesome. She’s killed it on The Good Wife. And she’s quite funny on Raising Hope. But Martha will always be the bespectacled Stef from The Goonies to me. So it’s nice to see the sarcastic Stef, gal pal to the much-lusted after Andie, grow up and really come into her own. Girlfriend is easy-breezy in this snazzy houndstooth dress. (And I’m a sucker for a good houndstooth.)

And then wow! It’s a fantastic color and sparkly. This is how you dress for the Emmys.

Bonus Va-va-va-voom!

And this is how you dress to win an Emmy. Congrats, Julie Bowen! I’ve loved you since the underappreciated Ed.

–By Lindsay Ray


Win of the Week: The Golden Touch

So if King Midas were to make a dress or Rumpelstiltskin had spun some straw into some really nice formal wear, I’m pretty sure this would be the result.

And Diane Kruger is workin’ the hell out of this Prabal Gurung. See the slight hip thrust and the almost-smile? It’s as if she’s saying, “I know this dress appears demure and flapper-esque. But really, I look like a golden goddess.” To me, Kruger looks like a modern Daisy at a party while Gatsby (Who will always look like a young Robert Redford in my mind; I don’t care about your remake, Leo!) hopelessly pines after her. Touché, Ms. Kruger, touché.

–By Lindsay Ray

All hail the power of the chevron!

So it’s a little less than a month away. And no, I’m not talking about when the lease on my new apartment starts. (So excited!) Or that Drive opens around then. (Which looks like the most twisted, dark vengeance-action flick to ever feature a skinny blonde guy, a cute British girl with a mom haircut and the always va-va-voom favorite Christina Hendricks.)

No, in a little less than a month, the Missoni collection hits Target, and I’m weirdly excited about it. Missoni looks to be all about the patterns this season, and while some are garish, others are made of pure awesome.

For example, the chevron bicycle. I want this bicycle despite my not-so-existent cycling skills like Veruca Salt wants a golden goose or a squirrel (depending on your preferred version of Wonka).

And these vases? Yes, please! Pretty sure they’d look ah-mazing in my new apartment.

Check out the full look book.

Bonus pattern win: Kristen Bell

OK, so this photo has like zero connection to the Missoni collection beyond the fact that it’s patterned. But girlfriend is working that dress. Also, I want a Veronica Mars movie like Augustus Gloop…well, you get the picture.

–By Lindsay Ray


Win of the Week: Mila’s Tour of Awesome

So Mila Kunis has been hitting the press circuit pretty hard for her latest flick, Friends with Benefits. And she’s been rocking some fantastic frocks on her fantastically tiny body. Like this one.

It’s kind of hard to pull of silky and drape-y without it looking like some sort of robe, but Mila manages it. And she also looks awesome in that peach color, which I could never do with my skin tone and I just might hate (only a little bit) her for. And just check out the expression on her face. It’s like she’s saying, “Yeah, I know it; I’m hot.”
And this is just like the feather in her fashion cap. She’s been white swanning it up in a pair of little cocktail dresses. These say to me, “See, Natalie? I totally could’ve been the White Swan.”

So props, Mila. You’ve convinced me to see your movie. (Well, you and what I’ve heard are some well-timed Harry Potter puns.)

–By Lindsay Ray

Fails and Wins of the Week: Harry-Potter-is-almost-over-and-so-is-my-childhood Edition

So in case you’ve been living under a rock or the outer reaches of space, let me edu-ma-cate you. There’s a boy called Harry Potter. And Harry Potter just happens to be a wizard. And BAM! Instant franchise and riches for Jo Rowling. And after many, many years the final Potter film is premiering, and thus endeth a dynasty. And some people might be very excited (somewhat misty-eyed) about it because the books captured the hearts of a generation. And some people, I’m not naming any names, might be so excited, they’re going to Orlando to visit Harry Potter World. (Yay butter beer!) SO what it all comes down to is that there was a big to-do at the premiere, and I just couldn’t ignore it.

Wins: Supermegafoxyawesomehot

Emma Watson (aka Hermione Granger forever and there’s nothing you can do about it) is a mini-fashionista is training. And although this dress sort of reminds me of something you’d wear to prom (if you wear designer dresses to prom, I dunno, not at my high school), just look how happy and floaty she is! It’s like she’s saying “Freedommmmm!” except not, because she will be Hermione-forever in my mind. I <3 her.

Bonus: She looks a bit like Marilyn Monroe here with her poofy skirt. Or I just have Marilyn on my mind.


Only Helena Bonham Carter could pull off this amoeba hat that semi-clashes with her dress. But the dress is fab.

Neville Longbottom, I mean Matt Lewis, where did you come from? I know Neville goes all badass in the last film, but what have you been hiding under your robes? Please wear a suit more often, sir.

Fails: What the devil is going on here?

Overly tan surfer/rocker/dude and his grandmother. And by that I mean, Jamie Campbell Bower and this old woman impersonating Bonnie Wright. C’mon, Ginny Weasley, you’re a hot, young redhead. Get it together!

Natalia Tena clearly used a time turner to get her outfit for the night. Or you know, a hot tub time machine. This sort of looks like something Kelly Kapowski would wear in one of her more daring moments as she breaks up with Zack at the school dance for the umpteenth time. Actually, I take that back; Kelly would never wear her hair that big.

–By Lindsay Ray