Win of the week: Glee goes glam

I’m admittedly a Glee fan. I love getting my campy musical fix every week. As a rule, you have to suspend a little disbelief when watching. However, last Tuesday’s episode definitely woke me up out of my happy melody-induced haze, and not because I couldn’t buy any of the high school hijinx. Simply put, what kind of high school glee club can afford $400 Betsey Johnson dresses? Because that’s the kind of glee club I want to join! Anyway, New Directions’ Sectionals ensemble hit all the right notes for me (mainly because I’ve been eyeing the same dress on Modcloth for a while). If I had $400 to throw down, I’d definitely snap this up. My favorite take on the dress? When Santana donned a fascinator and sang the retro-ish “Valerie.” It added just the right touch of snazz and pizzaz to an already beautiful monochromatic dress with a vintage flair.

–By Lindsay Ray