Let’s Hear it for the Boys

I know I don’t focus on men’s fashion that often, but I can be an equal opportunity blogger. Besides, sometimes there’s nothing like a sharply dressed dude. (In fact, there’s a whole tumblr dedicated to guys in suits: http://guysinsuits.tumblr.com/) And while there were plenty of suits at GQ’s Men of the Year party, but I was most impressed by the guys who chose to show off their sartorial sense with a little flair. Without further ado:

Le Van Der Beek is killing on TV playing an exaggerated version of himself. And I also think he’s killing it by mixing patterns here.

Ed note: Is it just me, or does dude not age? His face is as fresh as the bum of a newborn babe.

Ben McKenzie looks like he’s wearing the maroon version of the suit Rob Pattinson wore to the Breaking Dawn 2.0 premiere. Together, they’d be the snazziest dressed people at a holiday party.

As a concept, I hate a plaid suit. On Darren Criss? I love a plaid suit! Continue reading

Fail of the Week: Breaking Dawn, Breaking Bad

K.Stew, oh, K.Stew. What are we to do with you? It’s like you put on lingerie added a see-through skirt and call it a dress. It’s like a game of let’s pretend to be naked on the red carpet without being naked. But K.Stew, I did not want to play peek-a-boo with your lady bits.

Bonus Bad: Julianne Hough, what is this bondage for your boobs?! Even your hair isn’t on board with this plan. Continue reading