FAIL of the Week: Sexy Schoolgirl is so Passé (Glee Edition)

The GQ Glee cover, one of the more tame photos of the shoot.

Although everybody’s been talking about Glee this week, they haven’t been talking about the upcoming Rocky Horror-themed episode (which looks camptastic). Instead, they’ve been raising objections to the latest GQ cover that features three of the cast members in varying states of undress. Unsurprisingly, the females seem to be the more underdressed ones. Sexism at work, my friends. So here’s my two cents. I love Glee. It makes my little musical theater-loving heart happy with its mix of snark and snazzy musical numbers. But it’s about characters set in a high school. All the various Glee-paraphernalia—the books, the clothes, etc—is marketed for high school students and younger. So getting a pervy photographer to sexualize a bunch of young people who are essentially seen as high school students? Not good. This is not Gossip Girl, people. And yeah, I get it Cory Monteith is almost 30, and they’re all of age. But I object on several counts.

1) Shirts plus underwear do not an outfit make. I don’t care about the current wave of pantslessness sweeping the celebrity world (the movement spearheaded by Lady Gaga). Also, this is GQ, not Maxim. I thought there were some standards of style at least. My bad.

2) Get over your oral fixation. I’m talking about Lea Michelle’s Lolita-esque lollypop shot. Did we learn nothing from that novel?

3) The shot of Lea Michelle straddling the locker room bench? Not subtle, not sexy.

4) I get that this is traditionally a men’s mag, but do only the girls need to be featured as sex objects? Sigh.

5) Finally, this is so 1998 when Britney Spears’ Baby One More Time video hit the air. Glee might’ve re-created that video shot for shot in its Ode to All Things Spears episode, but it sent a more positive message to girls over the course of the whole episode. Besides, the Spears video seems tame in comparison to these photos. And I’d end on a school-related witticism, but I’ll save you the bad pun.

–By Lindsay Ray