I’m not so much a fan of Michelle Obama’s fashion as much as I’m just a huge fan of Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama waving in purple dress

“Suck it, haters!”

Our lovely First Lady sure makes waves for being fashionable, even if, in my humble opinion, a lot of her style choices are a little suspect. Big belts on everything? Meh. Patterns on patterns? Hit or miss. And those new bangs? Just no. Now I applaud her daring to change her look and all, but I can’t believe she covered those killer eyebrows. (Can you imagine being a child on the receiving end of her sharp arches? I’d ground myself!)

I think FLOTUS is so admired for her fashion simply because people have so much love for her they don’t know what to do with it. Our love spilleth over. Because deep down, we all know that she is is a sassy-pants FLOTUS like no other. We all know that she wields all the power in her relationship with the most powerful man in the world. And we all know that her safe-to-champion causes, like healthy eating and childhood obesity, are just to give her a lady-like, FLOTUS-appropriate activity to do, lest those whiny Republicans complain about her looking too influential or powerful. Continue reading

Yes, we can love feminism and fashion too

First Lady Michelle Obama: the kind of powerful and stylish woman who, upon arriving at her Vogue photo shoot, told THEM what she was going to wear.

Feminists are hairy-legged man-haters, fashion fans are fad-obsessed idiots, and never shall the two see eye-to-eye. Right? Wrong! Here’s why.

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Michelle and Middleton Meet, Fashionistas Freak!

I studied abroad in England a few summers ago (I could really go for a pitcher of Pimm’s right now), so I know how hard it is to pack for the fluctuating weather. Which is why I’m so in awe of Michelle Obama’s revolving wardrobe of classically styled dresses.

Isn’t this photo just lovely? It doesn’t say “Hey, we’re married to two of the most powerful men in the world” but rather “Let’s sit down, chat and have a nice cup of tea and a scone.”

You know what else is lovely? The color of Mrs. Obama’s dress. It’s a beautiful, bright shade for summer, and the belt is a nice touch.

So what exactly does one wear to meet the Queen? Why, an ivory Tom Ford gown with elbow-length gloves, of course.

Personally, the dress reminds me of Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina—yards of skirt and way off the shoulders. The same words could describe the black frock Mrs. O donned for dinner. However, I prefer the less severe hair and more simplified look of the first dress, but she still cuts a striking figure.

And then there was the big meet, the one everyone’s still buzzing about: When FLOTUS met the Duchess of Cambridge. Kate Middleton’s style might be even more followed and more imitated than Michelle Obama. Kate’s beige Reissa dress sold out and frantic fashion fiends crashed the retailer’s site.

Mrs. O, on the other hand, went for a retro vibe with silver kitten heels. (Nice!) Perhaps she resembles another famous Mrs. O?

P.S. Catch some of Kate’s most popular looks.

–By Lindsay Ray