The Midas Manicure

Midas manicure

Let’s talk about the Midas touch.

What it is: a gold-tipped French manicure that makes you look like everything you touch will turn to gold.

What you need: Essie nail polish in Good As Gold and Mambo, Butter London nail polish in West End Wonderland and Hen Party. (Any mauve pink, gold metallic, and gold glitter will do, but you’ll want to stick with Hen Party), circular stickers

The ULTA ladies are always happy to see me walk in.


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Olympic Fail of the Week: Bodysuits are boring!

There were plenty of cracktastic things going on in the Olympics’ closing ceremonies (God bless the British), and while I generally enjoyed the spectacle, I couldn’t get over Jessie J’s bodysuit. I don’t care if it is Vivienne Westwood; I’m so over bodysuits. Britney did it eons ago and did it better. Plus, it looks like Jessie has had a weird outbreak of a disease. Or like somebody sneezed sequins all over her. Actually, I hope that’s actually how this outfit was made.

 Bonus Win: Spice Girls reunion!

Fan or not, you still have to admit it’s kind of awesome. Continue reading

Wins of the Week: Dazzling accessories edition

I know most people talk about the dresses at awards show (and yeah, I do that too). But there were so many amazing accessories at the Golden Globes, I had to create a separate post for them.

While Michelle William’s had a pretty awesome headband, I loved Charlize Theron’s sparkly headband because I’m squirrel-like and can’t resist shiny objects.

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Glitter. Glam. Shazam!

Sparkles! Fur! Lace! Pearls!  This season it’s super-easy to show off your glamorous side. Here’s how to do it without crossing into Crazy Grandma territory.

Pick your statement piece
How about a sequined dress? Perhaps some glitterific pants. Or maybe a big fur scarf. Let attention-grabbing pieces like these make the statement, and keep the rest of your outfit (and makeup) more subdued.

Sequined wrap dress by Michael Kors. Love it paired with the shiny black pumps!

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Highlights and Lowlights of the VMAs

Best dressed:

Emma Stone and Rosario Dawson showed up in leather-like dresses with runches that settled perfectly around their curves. [Also: keep an eye out for Emma Stone—it looks like she’s the new Lindsay Lohan (pre-coke). The husky-voiced redhead is set to star in a few dramas and indie comedies with big names in 2011 and 2012. And this fall’s Easy A looks like it’ll be too much fun.]

Love how Rosario's nails match her lips. Emma's bright purse gives the ensemble a nice pop of color, and Rosario's bright shoes complement the dress color.

Sofia Vegara– Who can say no to form fitting glitter? Wow.

Love the pumps, too-- similar to Rosario's and Emma's above.

Florence Welch (of Florence and the Machine)

I love the old-school glamour of this dress, and am humored by what appears to be a zipper going down the middle.

Lady Gaga

Everyone is asking: Did Lady Gaga’s meat dress make a statement? Or was it tasteless? My verdict: statement. If everyone is going to cut all of the attendees up for what they wear, like a piece of meat, why not actually wear a piece of meat? Brilliant! Tongue in cheek! She’s making fun of herself! And the rest of them! And critics like me! I’m even making fun of me! I get it.

I sincerely hope she's wearing a leotard under there.

Men in Black

As per usual with the VMAs, lots of men showed up in casual wear—jeans and jackets—but made it classy by going all-black. Lots of the boys, like Usher and Justin Timberlake, tucked their pants into boots. New trend?

Not sure how I feel about Usher's scarf, though...

But Ne-Yo bucked the all-black trend quite nicely.

...and that pose says, "I know I did."

Should’ve stayed home

Evan Rachel Wood– Love the new red hair, but eat a sandwich, please. Looks like you’re thirty seconds from death.

Will.I.Am and Nicki Minaj went galactic.

Katy Pery managed to be overdone and barely clothed.

Audrina Partridge of The Hills did too much of a good thing: Sparkles are always awesome, but the belts and the ringed shoes seem more appropriate in a spaceship. In a 60s movie.

...although it is growing on me....

And Pharrell Williams wore red knickers? Huh?

But what do YOU think? Did you like the knickers? The space shoes? Hate Florence’s zipper? Comment away!