The Midas Manicure

Midas manicure

Let’s talk about the Midas touch.

What it is: a gold-tipped French manicure that makes you look like everything you touch will turn to gold.

What you need: Essie nail polish in Good As Gold and Mambo, Butter London nail polish in West End Wonderland and Hen Party. (Any mauve pink, gold metallic, and gold glitter will do, but you’ll want to stick with Hen Party), circular stickers

The ULTA ladies are always happy to see me walk in.


1. Paint nails with one or two layers of Mambo; let dry. Continue reading

Wins and Fails of the Week: The People’s Edition


First post of the new year, and awards season is just kicking off. So let’s kick this thing off.

Kristen Stewart totally rocked it in a gold micro mini. She looked lovely, fresh and like she was having fun whereas she usually looks miserable and awkward.

Check it: Redhead in a beautiful blue dress. Kate Walsh looked flawless.

Lucy Hale looked grown up and glam in gold. I particularly love her hair and red lipstick—it’s a nice contrast in color.


Katy Perry looked like she was wearing a poofy dress of purple cellophane.

Girl. Give up the "teenage dream" theme already.

Although Minka Kelly looked gorgeous hair and makeup-wise, her little gypsy number looked like it would fall right off.

A million men, hoping for a nip slip.

Ashley Tisdale looked like someone pissed in her cornflakes. Or she was just pissed off about her awful tan.

A million mothers, going STAND UP STRAIGHT!

Jury’s Out:

La Meester is at it again. I can’t quite make up my mind about that little fashion daredevil’s latest concoction. Fun and flirty? Or fun with mom’s appliqué machine?

Fashion forward or Forever 21?

–By Lindsay Ray

FAIL of the week: Red Hot? NOT

How did I miss that Rihanna was rocking Ronald McDonald hair?!? I’m not a super big RiRi fan, but I at least should’ve noticed by the neon glow it was giving off. When Angela Chase dyed her hair bright red as an act of teenage rebellion on My So-Called Life, it was awesome and fun and made her stand out. Rihanna’s hair is just the opposite of that. And not that I’ve ever really admired her fashion sense (I say it’s daring when pressed), but pink bows do not go with stop sign-colored hair. (In fact, this whole outfit is boring and unimaginative for you, RiRi.)


Hello, Carrie Bradshaw (since I refuse to call Sarah Jessica Parker by her actual name)! You look like an awesome Oscar. And although I’m not really wowed the way I usually am by one of Carrie’s kooky fashion concoctions, I like your understated style and beauty. I hope when I’m your age, I can also rock a golden gown and look just as relaxed and happy to be doing so.

–By Lindsay Ray