Princesses and Sparkly Things

Every time Kate Middleton breathes someone somewhere writes a story about it. Middleton madness is still in full effect, and it almost seems as if she can do no wrong. I always like how the media have created a faux competition between Kate and sis Pippa. Kate shops for groceries. She’s just like us! We love her. Whatcha got, Pippa? Pippa runs in a triathlon. She’s a super woman! We love her. Kate better watch her fashionably attired back.

But the dress Kate donned for a recent charity event is certainly newsworthy.

It’s so sparkly! And shiny! And she’s so happy. The dress is Jenny Packam from the Spring 2011 collection, and if you think you’ve seen it before, well, you might have. Leighton Meester wore the dress on Gossip Girl as her character Blair Waldorf pursues her own prince.

Clearly a dress meant for a princess. (It’s a bad pun, I know, but I couldn’t resist.)

–By Lindsay Ray

Win of the Week: Bonjour, Couture!

As summer fades and fall starts, one guilty pleasure goes away (au revoir, True Blood!) and another takes its place (bonjour, Gossip Girl!). Yes, I have no shame; I watch Gossip Girl. What can I say? I like my soapy melodrama with a side of couture—it’s the perfect mix of drugs, baby mama drama and Dior. So I was super excited to learn the season premiere would be set in Paris, and the clothes didn’t disappoint. Away from the Wahrtonesque Upper Eastside, the clothes are fun and frothy and perfect for a flirty Parisian summer. I like the fun mix of colors in Blair’s (Leighton Meester) dress—take note, Katy Perry, this is how to do fruit right. I especially enjoy her jaunty beret in bright blue. Serena’s (Blake Lively) outfit, on the other hand, perfectly combines a light feminine dress with masculine accessories. Plus, the dress brings the sparkly with Swarovski crystals (although the George Chakra Spring 2010 Couture Swarovski Cage Corset Dress sounds sort of painful). I also like Serena’s flowing green dress and floppy hat. It’s perfect for the trendy jetsetter on vacation. The fact that the dress is called “Haute Hippie Take Me Now Dress” is just the icing on a delicate French pastry. So I say J’adore Gossip Girl, and I can’t wait for another season of backstabbing and Balenciaga.

–By Lindsay Ray