Wins and Fails of the Week: MTV Movie Awards edition

OK, so in all honesty, I’m going to admit upfront that I didn’t watch the show. I might’ve watched due to the temptation of the new Harry Potter trailer, but I knew I could just see that online (one word—glorious) and couldn’t deal with the self congratulation and fake golden popcorn. But I couldn’t help taking a peek at the fashion as it always promises to be over-the-top at one of Hollywood’s more laid back events, and someone mentioned La Meester looked like a disco ball.


Kristen Stewart, she of the lip biting and mumbly awkwardness, totally rocked a red mini. Usually she looks like she cannot wait to get out of her fancy clothes and into lounge wear, but even she seemed to know she looked hot. Plus, it’s got stars and sequins and safety pins, you guys! It looks like the most awesome bedazzled, homemade party dress ever.

And the lovely Emma Watson looked sophisticated in a white Marchesa. (Even if her hair resembled an odd mullet, but the important thing is her hair is growing out!) I don’t even mind the weird fringed shoulder pads (pretty sure those are necessary to make it MTV-worthy). But her makeup was flawless. She looked all glowy and youthful. Just what an actress should look like in anticipation of the premiere of her HUGE blockbuster summer hit.

OK, so I don’t care if she is wearing a black lace doily with fringe. (Seriously, what is with all the fringe? I refuse to believe it’s in fashion.) But most importantly, Emma Stone is a redhead again!! I’m so happy that the queen of the sassy comeback has restored her russet locks. (Yes, I am getting poetic about hair.)

Epic Fail

I think Leighton was shooting for avant garde/art deco. But girlfriend, you look like a party decoration. Or an intricately smashed mirror.

Nicki Minaj went in for bondage wear and brass knuckles. Which, you know, not surprising. What is surprising is that her hair isn’t more spiced up. Almost subdued for her. Disappointment, Nicki, disappointment.

Cameron Diaz wore a romper (much too old) and was totally shown up by a much younger starlet (Elle Fanning, looking cute and age-appropriate).

Brooklyn Decker wore a gold lamé-looking sack. Which if I was going to wear a sack, I guess I’d pick something like gold lame instead of burlap, so snaps for you there, Brooky.

And the pièce de résistance? A paisley jumpsuit worn by Jessica Szohr. Oh Jessica, if you thought leaving the bangles and ratty extensions at home would make us forget that you’re Vanessa, Dan’s Brooklyn-bred BFF on Gossip Girl, you are sorely mistaken. Nothing says classic Vanessa fashion disaster quite like flowing paisley.

Also, where are your feet, woman?

–By Lindsay Ray

Fashion vs. Style

Hutton in a J.Crew campaign from '09. She's a classic kind of darling, isn't she?

“Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year. Style is what you pick out of that fashion… it’s what you make of it once you’ve learned what to accept and ignore based on what looks good on you.”

Can I get an AMEN!

The gorgeous, gap-toothed model/style icon Lauren Hutton, quoted from J.Crew’s latest ad campaign, is exactly right: The women we admire most for their sense of style aren’t the most trendy. They’re the ones who know what colors, cuts and patterns look best on them, and they aren’t afraid to ignore the trends.

In other words, every time Vogue or Glamour cry, GO OUT RIGHT NOW AND BUY THIS FUGLY THING OR YOU’LL BE A LOSER!!!!!!!!, the truly stylish among us go: meh.

So how’s about we  just take a look at the difference between fashion and style. This should be fun. You excited? I’m excited. Let’s go!


STYLE: Rocking colors that are complimentary to your skin tone

Rosario at last year's VMAs

FASHION: Similar color scheme for a gal of a completely different complexion = washed-out disaster.

We'll be gracious and not comment on the drop-crotch pants disaster.

STYLE: Flattering your figure with carefully chosen, even tailored, shapes


How quickly one girl goes wrong... so very, very wrong

STYLE: Daring to do something fantastic, fun, flattering and totally different with your look

FASHION: Going so different from your look that your colors become Crayola-worthy. Candy-apple red, anyone?

–By Tara Cavanaugh

Wins and Fails of the Week: The People’s Edition


First post of the new year, and awards season is just kicking off. So let’s kick this thing off.

Kristen Stewart totally rocked it in a gold micro mini. She looked lovely, fresh and like she was having fun whereas she usually looks miserable and awkward.

Check it: Redhead in a beautiful blue dress. Kate Walsh looked flawless.

Lucy Hale looked grown up and glam in gold. I particularly love her hair and red lipstick—it’s a nice contrast in color.


Katy Perry looked like she was wearing a poofy dress of purple cellophane.

Girl. Give up the "teenage dream" theme already.

Although Minka Kelly looked gorgeous hair and makeup-wise, her little gypsy number looked like it would fall right off.

A million men, hoping for a nip slip.

Ashley Tisdale looked like someone pissed in her cornflakes. Or she was just pissed off about her awful tan.

A million mothers, going STAND UP STRAIGHT!

Jury’s Out:

La Meester is at it again. I can’t quite make up my mind about that little fashion daredevil’s latest concoction. Fun and flirty? Or fun with mom’s appliqué machine?

Fashion forward or Forever 21?

–By Lindsay Ray