This is a terrible Photoshop job or some male teen model’s worst day ever

Something is off with this photo. Right?

So while perusing Target’s website the other day (did you know that they offer “online prices” cheaper than in the store?) I was looking at dresses. And the models in said dresses are all posy like this:

La la la, we're lady models for Target....

You got your smiles and your tug of the dress and flip of the hand and stuff like that. But then this kept showing up.

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This is not Christina Aguilera.

This is an albino genie in a bottle. This might be what a girl wants to look like, but not what any real human being needs to look like. This is not beautiful, no matter what you say.

And if this image was meant to distort what Xtina looks like, the article itself was meant to make you remember what an awful year she’s had: She tripped at the Grammy’s, flubbed the national anthem, etc., etc.

Sure, she’s kind of a hot mess lately (and a coworker of mine who interviewed her once says she was a brat and likely hungover) but can’t we show her a little love, W? As in not stretching her petite frame out to supermodel heights or painting her powder white? The girl has mad talent after all, and a pretty face – if we could actually see it.

–By Tara Cavanaugh