Wins of the Week: Super. Awesome. Glamorous.

So on first glance, I thought Mila Kunis looked like Vanessa Hudgens (Mea culpa, Mila!), and I was like, “V. Hudge, when did you find fashion?” And after heaving a great sigh of relief, I was more than happy with her fabulous Alexander McQueen frock. This is the kind of dress that says forget about That 70s Show and the fact that I dated a Culkin for like a million years. This dress says I am a legit actress that plays a badass ballerina and has a hot scene with Natalie Portman.

If Mila went as the dark swan, then Natalie went as the white swan. Is this a case of art imitating life imitating art? Isn’t that part of what Black Swan was about? Does anyone really understand the multiple layers to that movie anyway?

BONUS: Hailee Steinfeld’s look is fun, fresh and just so different from what you usually see on the red carpet, that I love it! The young starlet’s definitely got a flair for fashion (or just an awesome stylist).

–By Lindsay Ray