Fail of the Week: Hudge’s Headdress

Editor's note: I saved this image on my desktop as Vanessa_Hudgens_sartorially_confused_fashion_bad. Because woman makes me into a blogger Neanderthal. WTF.

While almost anything goes at a music festival, and Coachella tends to attract both the weird and trendy alike, most people don’t wrap themselves in a blanket and call it a day. But not Vanessa Hudgens (affectionately known as V. Hudge to me), reigning queen of homeless hippie couture. She goes that extra mile and wears the heck outta that shapeless blanket dress, perhaps both fashionable and functional for her. My reaction to her outfit comes in three stages: Continue reading

Wins and Fails of the Week: People’s Choice Awards

I kind of dig Vanessa Hudgens’s art deco dress. It’s like she’s starring in her own flapper-esque dinner mystery theater. And while she’s trying to convince you she’s innocent, her dress clearly says I’ve got you trapped in my web of lies.

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