Tulle, lace and the end of the world

Lately, I’ve of seen a couple of depressing movies that featured weddings. Which would be sad if the fashion wasn’t so awesome.

I went to see Breaking Dawn (Don’t judge. It’s one of the most cracked out novels I’ve ever read, like a fried twinkie, a soap opera and sequins all rolled into one. Seeing that on screen provided for lots of giggles.) The one thing that is supremely awesome is the fashion. Whoever is the stylist on that film definitely earned his or her money. The dress was made by Caroline Herrera, and Alfred Angelo produced a replica that hit stores just after the movie premiered.

So here’s what to wear if you’re going to marry your undead fiancé who happens to want your blood:

And check out these shoes. Shiny!

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Jeggings, weddings and Uggs: Interview with Mary O’Regan

Mary O'Regan is the editor of Minnesota Bride, Wisconsin Bride and Arizona Bride. She's also the voice behind the fabulous fashion blog "Art of Wore"

Mary, I’m going to just come out and say it. You are young and you are fabulous. You’re what? Less than 30 years old with a model’s physique and an eye for vintage style. You look like you should be on the pages of a magazine, but no, you’re the creative mastermind making the big decisions about what goes inside. Tell me, how did you become the editor of Minnesota Bride?
I actually work for several magazines under the same publisher, Tiger Oak Publications. I’m the senior fashion editor for METRO magazine and editor-in-chief of Minnesota Bride, Arizona Bride and Wisconsin Bride. The bride magazines come out twice per year, and METRO is a monthly, so I divide my time between them.

I’d heard about the position through a friend of mine from City Pages, where I used to freelance write. He was the senior editor at METRO and mentioned that they were looking for someone with an interest in fashion.

I’ve known you for at least three years, and for that time at least you’ve been Minnesota Bride’s editor – possibly for even longer than that? So, how do you keep the pages of Minnesota Bride fresh and original? Where do you go looking for new ideas when your creative tank has hit empty?

I’ve been at this job for almost five years, and it’s taught me a ton. In order to keep things creative, I can never stop learning and always need to stay on the lookout for trends and story ideas. With weddings, it can be easy to recycle ideas, so keeping it fresh is part of the challenge. It’s helpful for me to keep in contact with people in the wedding industry who can send me story ideas. And we get tons of submissions from local photographers that feature the latest trends and inspiration.

Keeping up with fashion occurs largely online for me. I subscribe to hundreds of blogs and websites, browsing them every day, absorbing the day-to-day lives of some of the most stylish people in the world. I don’t know what I’d do without the Internet.

With the Internet being kind of a big thing these days (just kind of) there is a lot of information floating around out there for new brides to sift through, or drown in – whichever comes first. What advice would you give to a bride on how to make her day unique?

Learn to prioritize and stay organized. Maintain some type of system for all the ideas you accumulate in your research, whether it’s physical scrapbooks or files on your computer. Once you accumulate enough — and it could be a lengthy process — go through them and pick out your favorites. Keep narrowing down your favorite ideas — whether they’re cake designs, tabletop decor, shoes, whatever — until you settle on The Ones.

Also, don’t get bogged down in what others think you should do. If tradition isn’t important to you, that’s okay. And if it is, that’s okay too. Your wedding should be a reflection of your and your fiancé’s interests and personalities — not what other people want. Go with your gut, and make decisions that demonstrate who you are.

Earlier this fall you attended fashion week in New York. What do you love about fashion week? What do you hate about it? If you hate nothing, you may list two things you love.

Oh, where to begin! I love seeing collections by my favorite designers being unveiled to the public before my very eyes. I love discovering the new trends everyone will be wearing in a few months. I love getting dressed up every day and seeing what everyone else has on. I love spotting my favorite models, editors and bloggers. I love being in New York, the most exciting city in the world.

But I do hate a few things. I hate realizing halfway through my day that my feet might be on the verge of bleeding due to some adorable, yet horribly painful heels. I hate the panic as I rush from one show to the next, worrying about making it on time. I hate feeling like I don’t have enough time to write about all the things I’m seeing because I’m exhausted at the end of every day.

Are there any upcoming designers or trends that we should watching for this fall?

Yes! Some of the trends I’m most excited about for fall include leather, neon, long skirts, printed pants, sheers, color-blocking and oversized tops. NAHM was my favorite new designer discovery this season. I love its simplicity, elegance and French touches.

Speaking of recent trends, what do you think of jeggings? I have to know; are they ever ok? I saw a nude pair of jeggings on a woman yesterday and for a second I could have sworn she was naked from the waist down – that was until I noticed the back pockets. For that one second though, oh boy… HORROR. So, jeggings certainly don’t go with wedding dresses. Right? But, that begs the question: What do they go with?

I like jeggings. They look great with oversized, loose-fitting tops, like a boyfriend t-shirt or chunky sweater. I’ve also been wearing them with 90s-style flannels, left unbuttoned over a loose t-shirt. It’s all about the balance of loose on top and tight on bottom.

It must be interesting to work for a bridal magazine as a single woman.You’ve got the 4-1-1 on where to go for everything – the cake, the dress, the flowers, the venue. If you were planning your own wedding, what is one thing you would make sure to do?

Hire a wedding planner. It’s the first thing I would do. Wedding planning is a career for a reason — most people can’t do it well or without losing their minds. Planning a wedding is seriously a full-time job, and I already have one of those. Who needs that kind of stress in their lives? It’s worth the added expense.

I love your fashion blog, Art of Wore. What made you want to start blogging? And, how does Mary the editor find time to moonlight as Mary the blogger?

I realized that I had more to say about fashion than I had pages to fill in the magazine, so Art of Wore is kind of like my uncensored overflow. It’s what goes on inside my head — an extended daydream.

It can be hard to find the time to blog, but luckily, I’ve learned to make it relaxing. So, it’s become one of my ways to chill out at night.

Ok, so to wrap up our time, I’m going to ask you to give us three fashion faux pas for fall. Usually we hear all about the “must-haves” and the “can’t live withouts” but I want you to tell us three things we shouldn’t touch with a ten-foot-pole this year. Ok… go!

Ugg boots. They’re so dated and so lazy.

Layered fitted shirts, a la J.Crew 2002. Lots of people are still wearing this trend, but in my opinion, it epitomizes the 2000s, and guess what? We’re in the teens now!

Crocs. I know they’re comfortable, but seriously? You don’t need that much comfort. Otherwise we’d all just live in our pajamas every day.

–By Michelle LeGault


Win of the Week: Wonderful in white

Seven words can sum up these pictures: Nicole Richie looks like a powder puff. But she looks like a happy powder puff. And if her poufy dress makes her feel like a princess on her wedding day, then more power to her. Plus, I like the lace detail on the dress she changed into for her reception. So congrats, Nicole and Joel! You look like you had a great time.



P.S. But the glamour wasn't all in the puff – it was in the details, too:

–By Lindsay Ray