Win/Fail of the Week: Cannes edition

So white was the color of Cannes. Even Brad Pitt got in on that action.

But who wore white best? One word—Uma.

Uma looked flawless in not just one, but two white dresses.

I love the scalloped edging on the cocktail-length dress and the feathery texture/floaty feeling and fitted bodice of the other. (Try not to get confused with all this technical terminology I’m throwing at you.)

Let’s zero in on the details shall we?

Don’t those emerald earring just pop? And I’m digging the messy-but-it-looks-effortless-even-if-I-paid-a-stylist-mucho-dinero-to-do-this hair. Also, girlfriend ain’t afraid to flash a little leg.

Runner up? Rachel McAdams.

I feel very meh about the poofy shoulders and rose lined pockets.

Plus, she wore what I’m calling the American Beauty dress, but instead of strategically placed rose petals, there’s strategically placed red lace.

And it was all downhill from there. Because nude pantsuit? Never a win. I don’t care how glitter your bodice is or how sassily you pose.

Now, I know there were bigger fashion disasters than this at Cannes (Candice Boucher and her dress left little to the imagination), but I’m a tired little fashion blogger and the Castle  finale just tore out my heart. So adieu fashionistas!

–By Lindsay Ray